About Elisa

Elisa Maria Campos

Journalist, collaborator of the Favelas Unified Dashboard (www.favela.info).

Master in Global Studies by
Albert-Ludwigs-Freiburg University.

Postgraduate at International Relations.

Lived in 5 countries: Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Africa and India.

+30 humanitarian missions with Operation Smile

5 languages:

Passionate about information, technology, pinguins and multicultural experiences.

A Brazilian journalist with professional experience triggered by Communication and Information for Development. She is passionate by impacting positively people’s life and she uses of communication for this goal.

She has consolidate experience in communication strategies, including planning, design, PR, multimedia and digital marketing for development. She found the department of communication of the NGO Operation Smile (www.operacaosorriso.com.br) in Brazil, where she also had the opportunity to work in logistics as program coordinator for 4 years and as team leader of medical records in more than 30 humanitarian programs in different countries.

She started working for social change in Brazil and ended up living in 5 countries (Brazil, Germany, South Africa, India and Italy) and worked in many others like US, Malawi, Mexico and Mozambique. To better communicate , she learned fluent English, Spanish, Italian, French and many technological tools. Ah, true, her native language is Brazilian Portuguese.

In Brazil, she grew up in Rio, in a poor neighborhood called Praça Seca (Google it), where she has experienced the challenges of inequalities: poverty, corruption, unemployment, lack of opportunities and overall violence. Her personal experiences reflect on her work and strong passion for social impact.

Elisa achieved a relevant academic background: in 2021 she will accomplish the Global Studies Programme – Master in Social Sciences, at Freiburg University in Germany, where she researched about Data for Development: the impact of inequalities in data collection for the pandemic in Brazil. She also has a bachelor in Communications at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University and a postgraduate in International Relations.

Due to the pandemic, she head back from India to Brazil and engaged with the Covid-19 Favelas Unified Dashboard, an emergency data initiative to map Covid-19 in 268 favelas of Rio de Janeiro to cover data gaps and protect favela dwellers. (http://www.favela.info/).

She also developed this project, which believes information, humanity and technology are the path for social impact.


Here you can find Elisa’s Linkedin profile.

Message me: elisamariacampos@peaceid.org