Favelas Unified Dashboard COVID-19

Favela da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro


A data unique initiative that trusts in local knowledge and communitary monitoring to change realities through information and data analysis. This is the Favelas Unified Dashboard, a project led by the NGO Catalytic Communities (www.catcomm.org) in partnership with manifold collectives and leaders of the favelas.

To overcome the lack of public policies and effective preventive measures against Covid-19, a growing coalition of favela-based and favela-supporting organizations came together in order to map, count and analyse data during the pandemic. In the favelas, Global resolutions such as social distance, testing and recurrent hand hygiene cannot be applied in a homogeneous manner. Its primary goal is to support prevention efforts, as the favelas of Rio became the epicenter of this infection in Rio.

A survey carried out by the project in 151 favelas in August/2020 (41 favelas + complexes) found 1,402 deaths in the mapped territories, of a total of 14,080 deaths in Rio, 8,612 of which were within the capital. The number surpasses states like Mato Grosso do Sul with 509 deaths, Amapá with 602, Tocantins with 547, Roraima with 547 and Acre with 561 deaths.

It is the greatest health tragedy in the history of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro has the highest death rate in the country (Monitora Covid/Fiocruz in 09/09/2020). The lack of real information about Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and communities makes it difficult to develop joint solutions and public policies to tackle local problems.

This innovative bottom-up data collection project produces data to inform the favela population about emergencial issues by investing in community engagement.

We mapped a 56% gap between official data and citizen produced data, helping to informam dwellers, public policers and researchers.

All data and methodology are available at www.favela.info .


Based in Rio de Janeiro and with a US 501[c][3] charitable status, Catalytic Communities (CatComm) is an empowerment, communications, think tank, and advocacy NGO working since 2000 in support of Rio’s favelas development.